Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The BANNED List (Updated 31Oct08)

These are the SOB's that have steered me wrong too often to mess with any more. I am not touching their games until further notice:


Illinois - all that talent, but they are impossible to figure out. Besides, Ron Zook cheats. He can recruit, but doesn't seem to have the coaching thing down at all yet.

Navy - my dad wasn't at the academy, but he served on the USS Midway. I love it when the Midshipmen do well. I just don't have them quite figured out yet in terms of betting.

Oregon - who can stand those uniforms anyway.

Miami (Fla) - let someone else mess with the Ibis. This team has done me wrong twice this season. That is enough.

Pittsburgh - why the heck did I ever take them off. They continue to disappoint time after time!

Nebraska - I just have too much red Kool-Aid running through me!

Jacksonville - their defense just isn't what it once was. Lose to Pittsburgh badly, then go to Mile High and mop up the Donkeys? ??? I don't get it. Maybe Garrard will settle in, and they will play like the end of last year - but I will wait to see that before touching them again.
Pittsburgh - So, Baltimore kicks your butt at home, then you come to Jacksonville on a short week and kick them around? By the way, the put the damn logo on both sides of the helmet will you!
Dallas - this one really doesn't need to be said. I am bias. Although right now I am beyond concerned about the current season.

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